How do I hire a personal trainer?

To schedule with a personal trainer there are just a few steps towards your first appointment.

  • The Personal Training Packet must be filled out and turned in at the Guest Services at either DRC or OAC or you can download and print.
  • Fill out all the forms and return with payment to either location.
  • If you know which personal trainer you want, you will need to write that on the top form. If you don’t know which trainer to choose, the fitness coordinator will review your health questionnaire and availability and choose the trainer that will work best for you.
  • After reviewing your information, the personal trainer will contact you and schedule your appointment.
  • Fees for one hour sessions are: $75 for 2 sessions; $136 for 4 sessions; or $258 for 8 sessions.
  • Fees for half hour sessions are: $75 for 4 sessions; $136 for 8 sessions.
  • Ask us about our group training rates!

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1. How do I hire a personal trainer?