DRC Before & After School Program

We welcome kids to the DRC before and after school!  Parents and students are asked to sign the Behavior and Discipline Policy and the COVID forms, these are kept on file at the DRC.  Please email these to jay@derbyrec.com or deliver signed documents in person to the DRC. Packets are available in house if needed.  Packets must be completed and returned before membership privileges will be allowed.  Please read through the packet with will also identify the DRC Bulling Policy, Face Mask Policy and Covid Safety Procedures, as well as procedures for the Derby North Middle School Transportation option if needed.  Memberships are required for students to be in the DRC.  

2021-2022 Before & After School Packet

Below is a brief summary of procedures for the before and after school program.

Before and after school, students will enter through the front door and check-in at the Guest Services counter. Students should line up for check in, in front of the Kids Club. All students will be required to go directly to the gymnasium. The lounge is considered a quiet area, only students getting a snack will be allowed to utilize this area. Students must check in with DRC staff supervising the gymnasium area to have access to the lounge. This rule will be strictly enforced, the front entrance and lounge are semi-quiet business areas. Students will be allowed to work on homework. No cell phones usage allowed in the lobby. Failure to follow the guidelines will result in loss of the study area. Please keep the attached forms for easy reference throughout the upcoming school year. Parents and students are asked to sign the Behavior and Discipline Policy, these are kept on file at the DRC. Students must be accompanied by their parent/ guardian to purchase their initial membership at the DRC or OAC.

Safety During Covid-19

With the pandemic, many safeguards will need to be followed while in DRC facilities. The DRC will require face masks when entering, exiting and traveling throughout DRC facilities and while participating in activities and programs where social distancing is not possible. The DRC will continue to monitor regulation changes and city and county mandates to ensure the safety of our participants and members while attending the facility and programs. Please continue to check for updates at www.derbyrec.com and other social media platforms, as guidelines may change throughout the year.