Community Outreach 

outreach program logoOutreach Programs are a DRC product for local Derby and Wichita businesses to
help their employees with team building, de-stressing, and wellness in general.
Our outreach classes come in three different categories; Art, Fitness, and Wellness.

How does it work?

An art, fitness or wellness instructor comes to your place of business to hold a class, usually during a 30 minute or hour lunch break.  The session is based on your needs or wants and catered to your particular business.

Art Classes:

Glass fusing, painting, wreath making and more!


Fitness Classes:yoga schools

Meditation, Stretching, Yoga or Zumba with a group fitness instructor.  Health Coaching presentations contain guidance and support on nutrition, movement throughout a work day, ways to reduce stress and sleep better, and so much more. This presentation is an hour and a 1 time fee of $50.  Most of these coaching outreach presentations end in a hands on activity or end with questions for the coaches.

How do I schedule an Outreach Program?

To schedule an outreach program, we require a four week notice to schedule dates and instructors.  Please reach out to the specific Program Coordinator to schedule your class.

Fitness Outreach - Susie Wilkes:

Art Outreach - Aimee Geist:

All other questions about outreach can be directed to Director of Programs - Vanessa Buehne:

What are the fees?

Outreach Programs are a separate piece to the DRC and it is not a part of corporate memberships.  Each class is unique and catered to your specific business.  Classes can vary in price.  The business determines the way of payment depending on if their employees or the business is paying for the class.  Invoicing is flexible depending on which class you participate in.