Youth Fitness

Promoting Health Awareness

With the rising rates of childhood obesity, our youth fitness instructors address children in a way that will meet their specific needs-considering their growing bodies and shorter attention spans. Our nationally certified personal trainers teach our youth fitness programs.  We offer year around programs to suit all fitness levels and interests. The youth fitness classes are upbeat and fun. The classes offer a fantastic experience to children and promotes health awareness. 

Youth fitness classes vary depending on season. Register online, by phone at 316.788.3781, or by stopping into the DRC and speaking to someone at the front desk.

Click here for fitness class schedules

Fun Fitness

You will have the opportunity to use all areas of the facility for a variety of workouts. In the fitness center you will learn the proper way to use the equipment. Weight lifting, running techniques, sports drills and much more.  Unwind and burn off some energy after school with our DRC youth personal trainer. Ages 7-16.

K-5th Grade Yoga

Get a total body workout while you shape, strengthen, and tone your muscles. Breathe deeply and let the school stress melt away.  Mats provided.  Ages K-5th grade.

Teen Weight Lifting

Work with a DRC personal trainer on weight lifting and the form needed to build strength and endurance.  You will learn fitness center etiquette and recover time.  This class will also encourage the proper eating that is needed for success with weight lifting.  Ages 13-15.

Youth Speed Work

Do you want to get faster? React faster? And work on your overall speed?  This is the class for you!  You will workout with speed and agility drills, resistance runs, foot work and start-push speed work.  This is a don’t miss class.  Ages 11-13.