Youth Aquatics

The DRC offers youth aquatic classes in the form of American Red Cross swimming lessons.

Classes and swimming lesson levels vary by season. Some classes are held at Rock River Rapids Aquatic Park during the summer.

For questions or concerns, please contact Donita Grinde-Houtman, Aquatic Programs Coordinator, by phone at 316.788.3781 or by email at


Determining what level of swim lessons your child would be best suited in can be difficult. The DRC has put together a cheat sheet below to help. If you know the correct level, browse our swimming lessons to register.
**Choosing the Correct Swim Level**

water safety Tips - with wade S. Turtle!  

Don't just pack it, wear your jacket!

A lifejacket is a personal flotation device (PFD) approved by the United States Coast Guard for use during activities in, on or around the water

Lifejackets should be worn:

  • While boating
  • Whenever inexperienced swimmers are in or around the water
  • In challenging water environments such as oceans, lakes or rivers
  • Around cold water

How to select the correct PFD:

  • Choose one based on the activity you’re participating in
  • Size
  • May include user weight or chest size
  • Ensure it has a U.S. Coast Guard approved label
  • Choose a PFD with a bright color to make it easy to locate you

Always check the following:

  • Check the buckles, zippers and straps for proper function
  • Check for rips, holes or worn areas
  • Check for mildew
  • Be sure to choose a different PFD if you find any of the above conditions

Be sure to put your PFD on prior to venturing in or near the water and ensure all buckles, zippers or straps are properly secured

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