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Preschool Aquatics Level 1-3

American Red Cross Preschool Aquatics consists of three levels.  Preschool-age children are taught basic aquatic safety, survival and swimming skills, all the while increasing their comfort level in and around the water.  Skills are age-appropriate, help children achieve success on a regular basis and enjoy social interactions with other children.  Ages 3-5.

Day        Date              Time                  Fee        Level 

T, Th      3/28-4/20        5:15p-5:45p        $40         1      

T, Th      3/28-4/20        5:15p-5:45p        $40         2      

M, W     4/24-5/17        5:15p-5:45p        $40         1      

M, W     4/25-5/17        5:15p-5:45p        $40         2      

M, W     4/24-5/17        5:15p-5:45p        $40         3