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Corporate Wellness Program
Corporate Wellness
The Derby Recreation Commission has long been known as the local expert on health and wellness. With nationally certified fitness staff and recreation professionals, the Derby Recreation Commission is positioned to provide the support and expertise that a company would need to begin a workplace wellness program.

We understand that skyrocketing health care costs and escalating chronic disease rates place a huge economic burden on business owners—yet 75% of America’s health care costs come from diseases that are preventable. A wellness program is an investment in your company’s most important asset—your employees.

wellness_feature.jpgA healthier workforce brings higher productivity, fewer work days missed and lower health insurance costs. With rising health care costs and the push to do more with less, the health of employees is a pivotal piece contributing to better productivity. An employee wellness program gives your employee benefit program one more attractive option, leading to greater employee satisfaction, safety, recruitment and retention.

Better Health. Leads to better work performance 

Positive Attitude. Improves morale company-wide 

Healthy People. Means fewer medical claims 

Fit Employees. Handles stress and tension 

Greater Wellness. Reduces overall health care costs, turnover rates and absenteeism 

Active Lifestyles. Gives employees a better sense of well-being.

Let the Derby Recreation Commission’s workplace wellness team customize and develop a wellness program just for you. We have put together a variety of services that are free of charge, interactive and engaging. Even if you don’t have a DRC membership, we still want to partner with you to improve your employee’s health. Providing even small wellness opportunities for your employees is a great way for your company to create and promote a culture of healthy living in the workplace and in the community.
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DRC Corporate Partnership Program
Your business can become an exclusive corporate partner of the Derby Recreation Commission. As a corporate partner you will receive the following. 

  • Discounts towards DRC memberships for your employees
  • A free company DRC WEEK each year
  • A free quarterly e-newsletter focused on preventive health
  • Assistance in developing a comprehensive worksite wellness program including an employee interest and needs survey
  • Free blood pressure and body fat screenings at your company health fair

DRC Corporate Partnership Form


Additional Fee for Service Programs
  • DRC Corporate Membership-The DRC Corporate Wellness program has multiple options to allow your company to customize a program that fits the unique needs of your employees and the budget and resources available within your company.
  • Access to a local speaker’s bureau focusing on healthy eating, exercise and chronic disease management, etc.
  • Lunch and Learn seminars at your site 
  • Interactive health education classes
  • Group exercise demonstration
  • Company health and wellness challenges

Good health is good business and we’d like to join you in investing in your business and your employee’s health. Fill out the corporate partnership form and return it to the DRC. You’ll begin receiving wellness information that you can choose to share with your employees. If you would like the DRC to come out and discuss more details, don’t hesitate to contact Debbie Williams or 316-788-3781.

To inquire about corporate membership rates please contact Assistant Superintendent Trina Bauer at 316-788-3781 for more information.