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Take your swimming to the next level with dryland conditioning.  Use this class to get a head start for your swim season or just focus to improve your core strength and flexibility for competition.  We will focus on shoulder strength and flexibility, core strength, hip flexibility with a full body stretching.  Ages 10-16. Located at DRC Pool.

Day    Date           Time                Ages         Fee      

M       6/5-7/24       6:00p-6:45p      10-16        $16      


Let's giddy-up and go for a ride with the DRC and C-Arrow Stables.  This 4-day camp will teach safety, saddling, care of tack and horsemanship skills.  Riding skills include barrel riding, trail riding, riding in a large group, trail obstacles, and low jumping.  Each child will have their own horse for the whole camp.  Long pants and boots with a 1' heel must be worn and a waiver from C-Arrow Stables must be completed.  Beginners are welcome.  Ages 5 and up.

Day      Date          Time                     Fee        

T-F       5/30-6/2      Depart:  8:15a       $135     

                              Return: 12:15p       


Speed, Power, Agility, and Plyometrics to improve your athletic ability.  This class will take you from our outdoor circuit system to the high school track.  Each workout will be different to increase muscle confusion and promote overall endurance and strength.  Take action now to become the athlete you want to be!  The class is taught by our certified personal trainer and will meet at the front lobby.  The class will be going outside at times.  Takes place at the DRC. 

Day       Date         Time              Ages      Fee      

T           6/6-7/25    8:00a-9:00a    10-16      $16      

T           6/6-7/25    9:00a-10:00a   16-18     $16      


Here's your chance to learn the lifelong activity of archery.  Safety, proper use of equipment, and plenty of target practice will be the highlights of this three-week session.  The class will be instructed by a Professional.  All supplies will be provided for this class.  You may bring your own bow to use with instructor approval.  Ages 8-15.

Day        Date           Time               Location     Fee  

M, W      6/12-6/28     6:00p-6:45p     DRC         $30   

M, W      6/12-6/28     6:45p-7:30p     DRC         $30   


The program is designed to develop tennis skills that include ground strokes, serving, volleys and basic vocabulary.  Older students will be introduced to drills to further develop tennis skills and stroke production.  Racquets available.  Ages 6-15.

Day    Date           Time                  Ages         Fee      

M, W  6/5-6/21      10:00a-11:00a     10Y-11Y     $40     

M, W  6/5-6/21      11:00a-12:00p     11Y-12Y     $40     

M, W  6/5-6/21       6:00p - 7:00p      6Y-10Y      $40     

M, W  6/5-6/21       7:00p - 8:00p      11Y-15Y     $40     

M, W  7/5-7/24       10:00a-11:00a     10Y-11Y     $40     

M, W  7/5-7/24       11:00a-12:00p     11Y-12Y     $40     

M, W  7/5-7/24       6:00p - 7:00p      6Y-10Y       $40     

M, W  7/5-7/24       7:00p - 8:00p     11Y-15Y      $40      


Come and learn the skills of golf that will last a lifetime.  This two day program is for all levels of golfers.  All aspects of golf, such as grip, stance, swing, chipping, driving, putting, etiquette and rules of the game will be discussed throughout the class.  Ages 7-17.

Day      Date        Time              Fee      Location        

Su        6/4-6/11    1:00p-3:00p    $65      Hidden Lakes  


Show your Derby spirit by becoming a cheerleader.  Participants will cheer for Derby Junior Football HOME games.  Games will be held on Saturdays.  Practice will be held weekly to prepare for games.  Grades 3rd-6th.

Day   Date             Time               Location    Fee            

M      8/21-10/23     6:00p-7:00p     OAC         $28 by 8/4  

                                                                   $38 after 8/5