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Returning Aquatic Employee Questionaire

  1. Text Messages*
    Would you like to receive text messages on pertinent pool information?
  2. What was your position last year? Please list all jobs.
  3. Are you interested in a new position? If so, please list new job.
  4. Availability
    Please check all that apply.
  5. Evenings*
  6. Daytime*
  7. Saturdays*
  8. Sundays*
  9. Weekdays*
  10. If hired what date will you be able to begin?
  11. What date will you be able to work through?
  12. How many hours per week can you commit to working?
  13. If you already have a vacation planned or know of days you will need off please list them. At the end of May you will submit a final list of days off for the summer.
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