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  1. Private Swim Lesson Application
  2. Swim Lesson Evaluation
  1. RRR Exam

    Complete this form to demonstrate your knowledge of the RRR training manual.

External Forms

  1. Auto Pay Membership Cancellation Request
  2. Employment Application Form DRC & RRR

    Employment Application

  3. LED Outdoor Sign Request
  4. Program Guide Subscription Preference

    The DRC wants to meet you where you are! We are striving to give you the content you want, where you want it. We would like you OPT-IN... More…

  1. Employment Application Form

    Employment Application

  2. Inspirational Wellness Award Nomination Form

    Please complete this form to nominate yourself or another person for the 2023 Inspirational Wellness Award

  3. Move Your Way Tracker
  4. Suggestion Box

    The Derby Recreation Commission would like to serve you and we would like to hear what you have to say. Please submit your input... More…


  1. Ball Field Tournament Rentals
  2. DRC Room Rental
  3. High Park Shelter Rental
  4. Hubbard Arts Center The Gallery Rental Survey

    This is a post-event survey for rentals in The Gallery at the Hubbard Arts Center for staff to track quality service and facilities... More…

  5. Request for Refund (Facility)

    Request refund from a facility rental.

  6. Vehicle Request
  1. DRC Pool Rental
  2. Gymnasium Rental Request
  3. Hubbard Arts Center Rental

    This form can be filled out if wishing to rent any part of the Hubbard Arts Center. A follow up call will be made to you once your... More…

  4. Practice Facility Request
  5. USD 260 Facility Request

Fitness Center

  1. Fitness Pledge Form
  2. Wellness Hour Form

    New members are eligible for a wellness hour in the fitness center. DRC staff will provide a tour of the center and an orientation on... More…

  1. Nutrition Coaching New Client Form

    By filling out this form, you are indicating your interest in being matched with a nutrition coach to help you accomplish your goals.... More…


  1. Julie Dombo Run Walk Donation Form

    Donations for Julie Dombo can be made on this form. Registrations for the event are taken on a separate form.

  1. Julie Dombo Run/Walk Online Registration Form

    Please fill this out and complete the online payment to register for the Run/Walk

Internal Forms

  1. Employee Membership Enrollment Form
  2. Marketing Request Form

    To request a project or assistance, please fill out this form and be as detailed as possible. Please note that submitting this form... More…

  1. Invoice Request
  2. Time Off Request

Rock River Rapids

  1. Returning Aquatic Employee Questionaire

    All previous aquatic employees will fill out this form and submit it.

  2. Rock River Rapids Group Information

    Use this form to request $1 off per customer for groups of 20 or more.

  3. Rock River Rapids Pass Donation Request
  1. Rock River Rapids Facility Request
  2. Rock River Rapids Otter Party
  3. Rock River Rapids Season Pass Purchasing Form

    Please fill identify a recipient for each Rock River Rapids season pass purchased. The season passes will be set up and ready for you!... More…