Young Chef Ages 11-13

Curious and adventurous tween ages 11-13 can nurture that spirit in the kitchen. Cooking is a remarkable outlet. It’s a great way to express creativity, learn a life skill, and understand more about nutrients.

Best Breakfasts

This hand on class will provide kids with the ability to make healthy breakfast for themselves.  No more running out the door hungry.

Cake Balls

Come learn how to make and decorate your very own cake balls.  Cake balls are fun treats for birthday parties, holidays or just because!

Cool Easter Snacks

We’ll learn how to make cute, fun and easy Easter snacks like egg shaped Oreo truffles and Easter dirt cups.

Creative Bread Baking

School’s out but cooking is in!  Join us for 3 hours of culinary fun.  You’ll make unique creations with bread dough.  Don’t miss it!

Discovery Cooking

The Discovery Cooking class is the perfect place for students to develop, build upon, and sharpen their culinary skills as they progress through a structured program over the next 4-weeks.  Each class is an entirely new experience that incorporates different ways of food preparation that builds upon each other to progress over time into more complex food preparation and presentation.

Easy Dinners

Who needs to eat out with the "Young Chef" in the household learns how to make easy dinners for the family.  The "Young Chef" will learn how to make main dishes as well as side dishes, and even some desserts.

Fancy Dinner

Be a real chef with skills.  Learn how to cook and plate a fine dining meal for your friends and family.

Food Around the World

Test out your world food knowledge when you learn how to make dishes from Canada, Mexico, China and Italy.

Fun with Chocolate

Willy Wonka has nothing on us. You will learn the techniques, tips and tricks of making candy clay and truffles. Our instructors will teach you how to create your own yummy masterpieces.

Fun with Easter Eggs

Yes, we will boil and decorate eggs but we’ll also have fun making Easter eggs a number of different ways.

Fun Easter Treats

Do you have what it takes to make yummy homemade Easter cookies?  You will also learn how to make other tasty Easter treats too!

Fun with Fruit

Besides being super nutritious, fruit can be fun to experiment with. Join us for creative, amazing, delicious and healthy ideas for presenting and eating fruit.

Fun with Popcorn

Explore the nearly unlimited ways to enjoy popcorn; sweet to sour, salty to tangy.  We will try them all.

Learn About Baking

Discover the skill of baking during this 4-week session. Learning and fun will accompany kid-friendly recipes that include baking cakes, cookies, breads, and pies to name a few.

Mac & Cheese

Boxed mac & cheese is nothing compared to homemade. Classic homemade macaroni and cheese is always welcomed as a delicious main meal or side dish. Once you make homemade, you’ll never eat boxed again.

Making Energy Balls

Join this class to learn simple ways to make healthy no bake energy bites. Recipes will be perfect for a delicious snack, breakfast or even dessert.

Pizza Party

Skip the delivery and learn how to make your own custom pizza!  You’ll learn how to make your own pizza dough and how to create a toppings bar.


Kids will love getting into the kitchen to make a variety of easy homemade salsa recipes for their families.  Some will have a mild flavor while others will be sweet.

Taco Tuesday

Impress your family when you learn how to cook delicious and fun taco recipes.

Twisted Pretzel

You will learn how to make warm and buttery homemade soft pretzels that can be topped with sea salt for a savory snack or cinnamon and sugar for a sweet treat.

Zoodles as Noodles

Zoodles are an incredibly fresh and health alternative to pasta.  Come make some zoodles and learn the many ways you can eat them.

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