Culinary Arts

The Kitchen2

Providing nutrition education and cooking fun.

the kitchen

Introducing our new culinary arts kitchen located at the Hubbard Arts Center. "The Kitchen" allows the Derby area community to come in and cook, smell and taste the food while learning beneficial nutrition practices. The Kitchen strives to make cooking accessible to everyone, by providing delicious recipes and menus that are quick, easy and affordable, accommodating varying interests, ages, and abilities.


  • Providing a fun interactive culinary experience.
  • Promote skills and self-sufficiency in preparing healthy, economical meals that focus on whole grains, fresh produce and minimally processed foods.
  • Educate community members on the fundamentals of cooking and nutrition, meal planning, affordable grocery shopping, and unique cooking experiences.
  • Spark a healthy eating movement in the Derby Community.
  • Create a sense of community.

Adult and youth programs are categorized into "Series" or one-day.  Fees include all food needed for the program. Registration is required in order to know how much food to purchase.  Classes are subject to be cancelled if registration minimum is not met. 

The Kitchen requires advanced registration in order to purchase enough food and supplies. Please plan to register, at minimum, 10 days prior to the start date. Thank you!

Meet the Culinary Team