Introducing new DRC software features

If you and/or your family are a current DRC member, you already have an account!

If you are a current DRC member you will be receiving an e-mail on February 26th The e-mail will include a link and a temporary password.

The link and password will get you to your current account. You won’t have to set up a new account. Be sure to check your junk email if you don’t receive the email invite.
1. Click the link on your email and make note of the temporary password

2. Enter your email address and temporary password

3. Click Log-In. A Password Reset screen will appear

When your new password is set up you are ready to:

Update financial information for auto pay. If you are a current auto pay member, please enter your credit card or bank draft information in the financial portion of your account. You can also stop by the DRC to update your auto pay financial information.
• Update account information (address, phone number, etc.)
• Register for classes and programs beginning March 12th.
• View your family’s current class schedules starting this Spring.

 if you are a current or past class/program participant, not a current drc member, above the age 18 or interested in participating with us for the first time: 

CLICK HERE to sign up for an account by clicking "Create an Account" on the bottom right of the page.