Shelter Guidelines

Safe Room Guidelines

The multipurpose room is also a safe room. These are the guidelines for when it is being used as such.

  • All persons entering must sign in upon arrival. Please leave an address where you will go when you leave the shelter so we can direct family members who are looking for you.
  • Notify staff about any medical conditions or problems you may have.
  • All patrons are expected to conduct themselves in a manner so they will not endanger the well-being of themselves or others. Parents are expected to control the actions of their children.
  • Courtesy and respect is to be shown to self, other patrons, and Oaklawn Activity Center staff at all times.
  • For the safety of all patrons, the following items are not permitted:
    • Glass containers of any kind
    • Firearms or weapons
    • Drugs or alcohol
    • Smoking and tobacco products
    • Household pets (service animals are an exception)
    • Any outside valuables
  • Rough housing and horseplay are prohibited.
  • Abusive and profane language will not be tolerated.
  • Appropriate dress, including shirt and shoes must be worn at all times. All pants and shorts will be worn so that undergarments are not showing.
  • Please do not loiter or play near doorways.
  • The Derby Recreation Commission is not responsible for loss of personal belongings.
  • Once you are in the safe room, you will not be allowed to leave until it is safe to leave.