Program Offerings

Corporate Partnership Program
Let the Derby Recreation Commission’s workplace wellness team customize and develop a wellness program just for you. Although we believe your company would benefit from a DRC corporate membership, we understand that budgets are tight and may not allow for that at this time. That is why we have put together a variety of services that are free of charge, interactive and engaging. Even if you don’t have a DRC membership, we still want to partner with you to improve your employee’s health. Providing even small wellness opportunities for your employees is a great way for your company to create and promote a culture of healthy living in the workplace and in the community.

Your business can become an exclusive corporate partner of the Derby Recreation Commission. As a corporate partner you will receive the following.

  • Discounts towards DRC memberships for your employees
  • A free company DRC WEEK each year
  • A free quarterly e-newsletter focused on preventive health
  • Assistance in developing a comprehensive worksite wellness program including an employee interest and needs survey
  • Free blood pressure and body fat screenings at your company health fair

Corporate Membership

The Derby Recreation Commission offers discounted individual and family memberships to the employees of any company who is a corporate member. All companies or organizations who take part in the DRC Corporate Wellness Program will be enrolled as a corporate member (there is no cost for this enrollment).

Corporate members can choose to subsidize membership costs for employees at any level or amount and it is at the complete discretion of the company.

Corporate Wellness Program Assessment

The DRC will send a health and wellness professional to your place of business to conduct a needs assessment and general planning session with your company representative, generally the owner or human resources director. During this complimentary session, the DRC wellness professional will give your company ideas for how to begin or enhance your company's workplace wellness program.

Individual Fitness Profiles - For Employees

If the Corporate Wellness assessment determines that your company would like to establish a baseline health assessment for your employees, the DRC will provide this assessment. Individual Fitness Profiles include the following:
  • Height and Weight
  • Body Composition - Test determines ratio of fat to muscle in the body. Results will include a percentage reading along with an explanation of the result and suggestions for improvement if necessary.
  • Blood Pressure
  • Step Test or 1-mile walk test - Test measures cardiovascular (heart / lung) fitness.

Business Case for Breastfeeding Grant

Eligible worksites will receive a refrigerator, rocking chair, hospital-grade breast pump, and four lactation kits, or any combination of eligible items, depending on the worksite’s needs after a breastfeeding/lactation support policy has been implemented.  Application.

Wellness Workshops

The DRC also offers Wellness Workshops that can be presented at your work site or at the Derby Recreation Center. Each workshop addresses a common wellness or health issue. Workshops include:

Living Well With It-Chronic Disease Self Management Program (CDSMP)
Many have IT, now learn to live well it IT. “IT” refers to a chronic condition like depression, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc. Join in on this 6-week evidence based Stanford University curriculum designed to teach participants how to live with their chronic disease or condition. The curriculum focuses on how to communicate with family, friends, co-workers and health care providers during times of increased symptoms. Program participants learn how to make tangible, realistic goals that lead to a healthier lifestyle, goals such as breathing techniques, meditation, eating right, and the benefits of physical activity for their chronic condition. 

Walk Your Way to Wellness 
This active workshop will take you and your staff on a fitness walk geared for all fitness levels. You learn proper posture, foot strike and breathing while increasing your own walking pace; the importance of proper footwear; and guidance on how to create your own company walking program. 

You Do Have Time to Workout 
Do you feel like between home and work there is no time to exercise? It is the number one excuse for Americans to not be on a regular workout routine. This workshop is fun and hands on to show you how to challenge yourself to take one show a night and workout during the commercials. We have created a TV night for your employees that will show them how to get a great workout by just using the commercials and a band to do all your strength training.    

De-stress in the Workplace 
You and your staff will learn breathing techniques and stretches to release stress. The last 10 minutes of this workshop is a calming mind and body relaxation session practiced while seated. Handouts for participants included. 

Healthy Eating 
This fun and interactive workshop will show you and your staff what constitutes a 500 calorie lunch of fast food compared with a plate of low calorie, nutrient dense food. Participants will put together a plate for lunch and find out just what 500 calories of food can be.